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I am having FUN writing and creating. It brings me JOY. I aim to help others through my inspirational journals, colouring books, activity books and more.....


chistmas colouring book
creativity colouring book

Elf is hiding within the colouring and activities pages. See if you can find them. Be entertained before Christmas, or how about a stocking stuffer for keeping the children busy after opening presents on Christmas Day?

Over 50 unique colouring and activity pages. An activity for parents and kids to enjoy together!

Positive quotes and various designs to colour away the chaos of everyday life and plunge into the stress-free zone of peace, mindfulness and relaxation. Adult colouring book for women at any age and any stage of life

73 unique designs, including - Mandalas, Notes to Self, Words of Wisdom, Women of the World,

Indigenous Art, Flowers, Fantasy and Confidence Boosting Affirmations​

Makes a great gift - This colouring book is excellent for anyone who needs a moment of peace and relaxation. It promotes self-expression and inspires creativity,

gratitude journal cover

Better Days Start With Gratitude is a six-week guide to cultivating an attitude of gratitude! It is a self-care journal to record what you are thankful for - what you have, what is important in your life, and the simple joys that show up every day when you are aware. Each daily page contains space to write three things you are thankful for, four things you are proud of, and four things to look forward to. There is also space to write a daily affirmation and make notes/reminders.

i am journal cover

Within each one of us is an amazing, brave, courageous person, and this journal will walk you through some of the major areas towards manifesting the joy of being the Best Version of You and making your dreams a reality. It is a guide filled with tips and exercises on building self-worth and confidence.

covid colouring book

Colouring is a way of calming down the brain. It gives us time to think about all the changes now and still to come. It helps us escape for a while to a happy place.29 Colouring pages. Large Page size 8.5x11 Inches for easy use. Perfect gift for family, friends, coworkers, parties, stocking stuffers, and gift exchanges.

french journal

Ce carnet ligné inspirant comporte 120 pages pour vous aider à tenir un journal et à créer plus de joie dans votre vie. Chaque page contient une citation unique. Chaque jour, lorsque vous consignerez vos pensées, votre liste de tâches ou ce dont vous êtes reconnaissant, vous recevrez un coup de pouce inspirant sur chaque page. Convient aux femmes et aux hommes, aux étudiants et aux adolescents. Excellente idée de cadeau. Utilisez-le comme un journal pour capturer vos idées et vous motiver au quotidien.

what if just for today journal

This journal is what transpired on my path of finding more “happy” and changing the grumbles into endless possibilities. I hope you smile, find your creative inner child, feel joy and happiness, and love yourself more as you create your journal through these pages.

fairies and dragons colouring book

Every child, whether they are fifty or five, imagines a world with fairies and dragons. Hand-drawn art pieces by Lee Pryke Have fun and imagine yourself slaying the dragon or having a conversation with one of the lovely fairies.

fun activity book

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel anxious and overwhelmed. It is part of the human experience. NO WORRIES! Y

ou will find many activities within the 100 pages. The affirmations will lift you and boost your confidence. The colouring pages will reduce stress and help you get through each day with less worry.
Great for young and older adults. Parents can do activities with their children, Teachers and coaches will find many journal prompts to help their students.
There are fun puzzles and mazes, journal prompts and exercises to help manage your anxiety and start enjoying your life. Take some time for yourself and Colour and Play the Anxiety Away!

living with joy journal

This inspirational lined notebook has 120 pages to help you journal and create more joy in your life. Each page has a unique quote. Each day, when you journal your thoughts, to-do list, or what you are grateful for, you will get an inspirational nudge on each page. Suitable for women and men, college students, and older teens. Great idea for gift-giving. Use it as a diary to capture your ideas and motivate you daily.

gratitude journal cover

Living a Life of Gratitude reduces stress and increases our chances of living a longer, healthier life. Sometimes, challenging ourselves is a good thing. This book is ready to go for a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge and more. 

fun and fantasy colouring

Colouring, at any age, is good for the soul. It is a fun way for relaxation, stress relief, and memory retention. Remember what it was like when we were children with no fear or expectations and just did things because it felt good and made us smile. When we tap into our creative nature, good things happen.

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