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Creative Meditation

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Art Therapy

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Creative Meditation begins with
a doodle...

For years, people have been doodling, from children to Presidents. The reason is that doodling is calming and relaxing to the brain, a way to clear the mind chatter and retain focus.

Recent studies show that doodling has many health benefits for all ages. It is a form of Art Therapy.

  • Doodling Helps You Concentrate.

  • Doodling Can Help Spur Creative Insight.

  • Doodling Can Help Process Emotions.

  • Doodling Can Be A Creative Outlet.

  • Doodling Can Help You Learn Better.

  • Doodling Helps Big-Picture Thinking.

My doodles grew into a passion for creating unique art pieces, and I teach a class called Creative Meditation In Action/Art Therapy to show others that within each one of us lives a creative genius.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of therapy, please send me a message.


my first art drawing
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Mandalas have been used for centuries for relaxation and  meditation. When you sit quietly and colour the shapes of the mandala it brings a sense of calm and relieves anxiety and stress.

A form of Creative Meditation

and today....

I would like to give you a gift.

25 mandalas to colour.

Download the file, print and sharpen your crayons or coloured pencils....and enjoy!

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