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Increase Your Spiritual Energy

take time to increase your spiritual energy

The Law of Attraction is for everyone of any background or religious affiliation.

All humans find success through its techniques.

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual practice. The many success stories about manifesting what you focus on suggest that being spiritual can increase your vibration and help you reach your goals more quickly.

Here are some practical ways to help you increase your spirituality.

Spiritual Energy

The meaning of “spirituality” or “spiritual energy” has a different explanation or perception for everyone.

When we talk about increasing your vibration as it relates to the Law of Attraction, we mean improving the health of your spirit. For example, something that can be done with or without religious practices.

Consider this definition, and reflect on what you think nurtures (and depletes) your spirit. Make a list if it helps.

Taking Care Of Your Body

Understanding how deep the connection is between the mind and body is essential. If you look after your body, you automatically increase your spiritual health.

The three core things at the heart of caring for your body are sleep, healthy eating and regular exercise.

There’s lots of space between these three things to learn what works best for you personally. You may need more or less sleep than someone else, and your ideal form of exercise might be dancing instead of running or cycling.

Keep Learning

Intellectual health is another part of your spiritual well-being. This doesn’t mean you must study ten different subjects for degrees. Instead, you want to aim to develop and hone your mind in some way constantly. Think about what intellectual health looks like for you and ask yourself -

  • What mental challenges do I enjoy?

  • What skills do I have or want to acquire?

Try to make time for these things, and remember to educate yourself about spirituality.

Religious people gather together in places of worship as a cornerstone of their spirituality, and this type of community experience is just as crucial for atheists or agnostics. When you join a group this way, you all align with a positive vibration of abundance, attracting more positive things into your lives. The result is the same whether it is a meditation class, an online forum, or a book club.

Spend Time Reflecting

Law of Attraction exercises are very active out in nature. Affirm positive thoughts, visualize the desired future, and go out and chase your dreams. Even positive thinking is inherently based on creating your own happiness.

To increase your spirituality and self-awareness, make sure you also carve out a space for contemplation.

Try 10-15 minutes doing a body scanning meditation each day. Take deep breaths and notice how you feel in every part of your body, from head to toe.

Journaling works well, especially if you write the words as they come to you, ignoring the urge to edit you may hear from your inner critic.

Be Good To Others

Along with gathering in communities, there are good reasons to take a cue from religious people when it comes to serving others. This enhances spiritual well-being in a very general sense. Think beyond giving money to charity here, and focus on giving time or energy instead.

If you do not have the resources to commit to a regular volunteer job, why not commit to a daily act of kindness instead? This can come in any form and allows for creativity and impulsivity.

Connect With The Earth

There’s something special about spending time in nature and looking and feeling your surroundings. This is especially true if you live in a busy city where you may spend weeks rushing to and from work.

Try to go to a local park, hike a hill or drive to the water, leaving your phone off the whole time!

Offer Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a constant attitude.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Nothing quite puts a dent in your spiritual well-being like holding a long-term grudge, so if you want to increase your spirituality, let go of these old wounds. Sometimes, you can extend forgiveness to someone who hurt you verbally. In other cases, it may be more about internal acceptance and a choice to move on.

Try to be grateful for what you learned from the challenging experience, appreciate how it has shaped you, and acknowledge that we all take wrong turns sometimes.

Accept Spirituality As A Lifelong Journey

Enhancing your spirituality isn’t about a few months or years thinking or living differently.

Everything you do impacts your spiritual life, whether positively or negatively. There will be times when your spirituality dips as well as soars.

This is just one other component of your personal evolution. If you practice the above, it could eventually become second nature to think about your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

We are wishing you well on your journey of discovery.


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